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Membership Testimonials

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A platform that supports you at all times

When businesses were closed due to COVID-19 your ICB platform has definitely helped me to meet my sales goals last quarter. I am happy to be a member of ICB.

Janis Saulitis

Erregame S.p.A.

The BEST trade Platforms for Business

Thanks to IPT we have found many new companies to increase our business. Most have become regular & reliable partners and  friends too. I would also like to personally thank IPT for the amazing ITC Malta event they organise. We are happy and proud to have been a key sponsor at ITC and look forward to sponsoring again next year.

Thank you IPT for your continued & amazing support from your side, it gives such great results for us. We are very proud to be IPT members and always recommend our partners to join you.

Vincenzo Lipari
Erregame S.p.A.


If I have to choose one word to define the IPT team it will be "Family"

It's been a year since I started in this industry so I wish to write a testimonial to thank IPT / IGT / ICB & the full team.

I still remember my first day and my first task, it was just after the ITC MALTA convention and I was tasked to contact all the companies that my boss had met in Malta. The "ITC Delegates Directory" was my first friend and the IPT team not only gave me contacts to make business, they taught me how to connect with people & how to correctly approach new companies. The staff are always ready to give us advice/references and helping sending us possible customers for our stock.

What is lovely about the IPT/ IGT / ICB platform is they don’t focus in the money / deals, they focus in connecting you with the person you are dealing with, thanks to this platform I have meet a lot of great people, even my best friend.

I can say that all the team at IPT are always ready to support all the needs I can have I really appreciate the dedication they put in to their job.

I recommend the IPT platform to everyone but even more for beginners as IPT will make you feel safe while you are starting this amazing world of trade.

Darens Riekstins

2 Way Trading BV

Results Were Accomplished

We became members a long time ago with IGT/ICB knowing about the opportunities it could give us. Our thoughts got acknowledged and the expected contacts came along!

Within a short time, results were accomplished and relationships were built into our network.

The Team at IGT/ICB are well informed and permantly reachable with any question concerning references asked for, and last but not least, well informed about bad companies or scammers in our market.

Their specialism and know how provides us with the tools in order to deal safely, and with recommended companies for long lasting business.

The platform provides you with not only possible suppliers & customers, also the required and offered products of nowadays, so called;  WTB & WTS (want to buy & want to sell). This makes us able to end up into a strategic marketing position!    

With all honestly, we’re very grateful in this moment to be a member with IGT/ICB.

The Team of 2 WAY TRADING BV
2 Way Trading BV


Such Great Support

Thank you again – always such great support from your side!

Stephan Steichle

MaKant Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Amazing Support

The support from the IPT Team is really amazing and very professional. We have found many new contacts and established great friendships.

You will always receive an honest answer from the Team. It’s a nice platform which makes life easy! It really works.

It’s an all in one package and we are very happy with the results so far.

Gregor Kantoch
MaKant Europe GmbH & Co. KG


Personal, Efficient & Very Responsive Staff at IPT

In joining IPT, we were put in touch with many great and trustworthy top players in the mobile phone and consumer electronics industries. Within months, we have been using the site actively, buying and selling products in volumes. We are now dealing with many new vendors and customers, our company has jumped to a new level of competitiveness and sourcing power. Additionally, we can count on a personal, efficient and very responsive staff at IPT who will help with their services.

Marco Biland

Smart Impex GmbH

Working with you is very smooth, efficient and successful

We are happy to be a member of yours, of course one of the biggest advantages of your platform is the reputation, our potential business partners get a qualified Feedback from you if they need a reference about our company.

Furthermore, your daily support and pro-active way of work we do prefer, thanks for everything.

Göktürk Agvaz
Smart Impex GmbH

Onvolt Lda

The right choice to grow

We are delighted with the results and new partnerships since we joined ICB and IPT. As a new company now we feel safe doing business with all partners of this B2B plattform.

Thank you Stephen and keep up your amazing work!

Daniel Gonçalves
Onvolt Lda

Dias Distribution GmbH

A personal, efficient and very responsive service

Thank you for the outstanding personal service Stephen provides me, as you probably know, I have been a member of your trading platforms including your competitors, however what makes you different and makes you stand out is the fact that you have taken the time to understand your customer requirements.

Additionally, we can count on a personal, efficient and very responsive service. The platforms that works!

Dias Distribution GmbH