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Industry News

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Posted: 4 October
European Commission - Fact Sheet

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Brussels, 4 October 2017

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Why does the EU's VAT system need reform?

The current VAT rules for cross-border trade between businesses in EU Member States date back to 1993, just after the creation of the Single Market. At the time, they were meant to be transitional. The rules do not take into account technological...

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UAE firms must prove VAT-compliance

Posted: 25 September

UAE logistics firms must prove VAT-compliance
by ASC Staff on Sep 25, 2017, www.arabiansupplychain.com

Companies operating in the UAE will need to prove their VAT compliance to tax officials, according to Girish Chand, director, MCA Chartered Accountants, who spoke at the VAT Talks conference in Dubai.

The sessions were held to discuss the impact of VAT on business operations, especially their supply chain, working capital, commercial operations...

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Headlines - The Register

GDPR for everyone, cries Microsoft: We'll extend Europe's privacy rights worldwide

22 May - 21:49

Euroland is the new California – but not everyone is happy

Microsoft has said it will extend new privacy rights that become law in Europe this week to all its users worldwide.…

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ISP TalkTalk's Wi-Fi passwords Walk Walk thanks to Awks Awks router security hole

22 May - 21:08

Brit broadband biz has only had four years to patch up WPS

A years-old vulnerability continues to menace the security of some home Wi-Fi networks in the UK.…

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Senator Kennedy: Why I cast my Senate-busting vote for net neutrality

22 May - 20:39

He's pro free market – but there isn't one among America's ISPs

The shocking lack of choice and competition in America's ISP market is why Senator John Kennedy crossed the aisle and voted for a repeal of the FCC's efforts to end net neutrality rules last week.…

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Tintri shares reformatted by investors: 85 per cent plunge in mere weeks

22 May - 19:48

Annual report spells out dire straits for enterprise data storage upstart

Troubled Tintri admitted it may run out of cash within the next six weeks and go broke – and its shareholders are bailing out fast.…

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Through many dangers, toils and snares.... SpaceX to send amazing GRACE to spaaaaace

22 May - 19:21

Rocket boffins to dump second-hand Falcon 9 in the sea

Because ride-sharing is caring, SpaceX will send the next batch of Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit along with a pair of NASA gravity monitoring orbiters, GRACE-FO.…

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Braking news: Tesla preps firmware fling to 'fix' Model 3's inability to stop in time

22 May - 17:04

Auto auto slammed for garbage stopping distance

Tesla is to issue a firmware update before the weekend for its Model 3 to deal with a critical brake weakness that was highlighted by US website Consumer Reports.…

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About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

22 May - 16:34

Apps fingered in vanishing desktop snafu

Updated  The troubled Windows 10 April 2018 update is facing another issue, with some users losing access to their desktop after installing the new code.…

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Within Arm's reach: Chip brains that'll make your 'smart' TV a bit smarter

22 May - 16:00

Get ready for a future where everything from phones to CCTV recognizes faces, things

Processor design house Arm has emitted a few more details about the AI brain it's trying to persuade chip makers to pack into their silicon.…

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It could be you: National Lottery hands £16m to England's Jodrell Bank

22 May - 15:15

Iconic site bags funding for 'astronomy gallery'

Jodrell Bank is to receive £16.1m in UK lottery and government funding for a gallery dedicated to astronomy.…

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UK digital committee fumes: You didn't answer our questions, Facebook. (Psst. EU. Pass 'em on)

22 May - 14:40

MPs angry about poor responses, Zuckerberg snub. CEO faces Euro politicos

The latest missive in an increasingly tense written battle between the British Parliament's digital committee and Facebook has seen MPs accuse the data-slurping giant of dodging questions and skipping the specifics.…

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Brit water firms, power plants with crap cyber security will pay up to £17m, peers told

22 May - 13:51

Problem: they can't pay like banks can...

Plans to fine Britain's national utilities and infrastructure providers £17m for shoddy cyber security will be at the forefront of industry's mind once everyone "gets over" GDPR, peers heard at a House of Lords committee.…

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Presto chango, crypto buyo: You're travelling like El Reg's gang of nerds

22 May - 13:03

Fancy micropaying for the great Geek's Guide eBook?

You were with us when we chucked our backpacks in the boot and drove up the M6 to Jodrell Bank in 2013 and five years on, you're still reading our travel series on UK locations that are covered in scientific or engineering glory.…

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Hitler 'is dead' declares French prof who gazed at dictator's nashers

22 May - 12:35

So he isn't in South America or on far side of moon?

A groundbreaking study of toothbrush-tashed Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's teeth has confirmed that the late, unlamented Fuehrer is still dead – and, more to the point, definitely died in Berlin in April 1945.…

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Pure: Let's be direct about attached storage. Hyperconvergence is not for us

22 May - 12:03

AI will need flash guts, hisses storage flinger as it posts results

Pure Storage posed widened losses of $64.3m in its Q1 ended April 30, up 12.5 per cent from $57.2m at the same time last year, while it saw an upswing in all-flash array sales.…

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You've got to be kitten: Vet recruiter told to pay £1k after pinching info from ex-employer

22 May - 11:15

Don't horse about with personal data, watchdog warns

A vet recruitment consultant who squirrelled away the personal details of almost 300 people from his former employer was today slapped on the wrists by the UK's information watchdog.…

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Military brainboxes ponder 'UK needs you' list of AI boffins

22 May - 10:37

We're falling behind, shout Shrivenham sorts

Rise of the Machines  The Ministry of Defence wants to compile a list of AI boffins with UK security clearance that can be hired to help build Britain's inevitable robotic military future.…

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The great Dell EMC storage slimdown: Giant to trim off product bloat

22 May - 10:05

Watch as the overlapping product lines ... slowly melt away

Dell EMC is hitting refresh on its bloated storage portfolio to simplify the number of lines on sale, and one of the early examples, say sources close to the matter, will be the merger of ScaleIO and XtremIO.…

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The future of radio may well be digital, but it won't survive on DAB

22 May - 09:39

It's neither the best technology, nor the most adaptable

Radio in the UK passed a significant milestone on 17 May. For the first time, more than half of Brits now access radio digitally.…

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Primary Data says stop, Hammerspace, Innodisk cooks some SSDs, and Fujitsu goes blockchain

22 May - 09:06

Enough storage news to keep you going till beer o'clock

As ever, it has been a heavy storage week. Here's our curated collection of goodies, goings-on and glitches.…

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OVH prepares not-discounts to not-match AWS, Azure, et al

22 May - 08:24

As bit barn builds subside, increased quotas and capacity will land at the same price

OVH’s wave of global expansion is nearly done and the company will soon follow other public cloud operators’ leads by cost-cutting for customers.…

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'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'

22 May - 08:01

Reg reader finds mobile apps can't be cut or quieted

Anyone who uses the Facebook phone app knows what a toll it can take both on your mobile data and free time to be plugged into the social network through your device.…

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Astronaut took camera on spacewalk, but forgot SD memory card

22 May - 07:41

Houston? What does ‘No SD’ mean? Is this thing even on?

An International Space Station astronaut took a GoPro camera for a space walk last week, but forgot to bring any memory.…

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Router admin? Bored? Let's play Battleships using BGP!

22 May - 07:03

Protocol how-to turns into

Playing Battleships over the Border Gateway Protocol probably wasn't a scenario considered by the standard's authors, but UK blogger Ben "Jojo" Cox has explained how to do it.…

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EU considers baking new norms of cyber-war into security policies

22 May - 05:58

Plan to paint US, China and Russia as rogues gather steam

The European Parliament has been asked to adopt a new set of “norms” about online conflict.…

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Summoners of web tsunamis have moved to layer 7, says Cloudflare

22 May - 04:57

DDoS launchers increasingly target application processes instead of flooding networks

Attackers have noticed that the world is getting better at fending off massive distributed denial-of-service attacks, and are trying to overwhelm application processes instead.…

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OpenStack makes Zuul continuous delivery tool its second indie project

22 May - 03:59

Now you can develop just like a massive sprawling open-source infrastructure project

The OpenStack Foundation has launched its Zuul continuous delivery and integration tool as a discrete project.…

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Adobe acquires Magento to go B2B2C and beyond

22 May - 03:15

Experience Cloud to add commerce and content management facilities

Adobe has announced it will acquire Magento Commerce, and fold the gobbled business's platform into its Experience Cloud.…

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Qualcomm readies 60GHz goodies for Facebook's Terragraph

22 May - 02:29

Also unveils silicon for 5G NR small cells, because big rigs will drown on traffic any year now

Qualcomm has backed Facebook's plan to take over the mobile network with its Terragraph project: the chip-designer has revealed it's prepping silicon for backhaul systems using today's 802.11ad and 11.ay in the future.…

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Victoria's educational apps-for-students let creeps contact kids

22 May - 02:21

World+Dog can contact any student via a shared doc

UPDATED  Google and the Victorian Department of Education have set parents, students, teachers, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner a poser: at what point does a feature become a vulnerability? Or just too creepy to put in front of kids?…

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Undocumented alien caught stealing orbits in our Solar System

22 May - 01:41

Bee-Zed immigrant asteroid has been here for billions of years – too late to build a wall

Scientists have discovered the first “interstellar immigrant” living among our Solar System's matter.…

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Good news: It's still legal for Apple to keep its MacBook, iPhone batteries from melting

22 May - 00:41

Cupertino beats Uniloc after judge disses 'sweeping, abstract' trollish patent claim

Apple has had a lawsuit, filed by notorious patent holder Uniloc over safety electronics in notebook and phone batteries, thrown out.…

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Apple tells app makers to strip VoIP toolkit from iOS software in China

22 May - 00:08

CallKit code no longer welcome in Middle Kingdom

Developers of iOS apps distributed in China have started to receive notifications from Apple that they are required to remove CallKit, a software UI framework for integrating VoIP calling services, from their apps.…

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Boffins detect antimatter thundering down from Hurricane Patricia

21 May - 22:53

First time scientists have detected positrons whizzing in storms

A team of scientists today reported observing beams of antimatter firing from a ferocious hurricane on Earth for the first time.…

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IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on

21 May - 22:23

Get it? Address? As in, oh never mind

Analysis  Stop us if you've heard this one before: the rollout of IPv6 is going slower than expected.…

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Microsoft, Google: We've found a fourth data-leaking Meltdown-Spectre CPU hole

21 May - 22:00

Design blunder exists in Intel, AMD, Arm, Power processors

A fourth variant of the data-leaking Meltdown-Spectre security flaws in modern processors has been found by Microsoft and Google researchers.…

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Fella gets 2.5 years in the clink for coughing up cell numbers in $50m junk text message scam

21 May - 21:44

And has to cough up $350,000 in ill-gotten gains

A bloke armed with a fistful of cellphone numbers has been sent down for 30 months for his role in a scam that fleeced folks out of $50m in bogus monthly charges.…

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NAND I... will always love you, says Micron as it emits 7.68TB QLC SSD

21 May - 21:30

64-layer read-centric drive is industry first, we're told

Micron has whipped out the 64-layer 5210 ION SSD – apparently the industry's first QLC NAND flash drive – opening a new front in the SSD-HDD marketing war.…

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Tesla inches toward GPL compliance in low gear: Source code forcibly ejected into public

21 May - 20:52

Some software blueprints doled out after years of complaints

Following five years of hectoring, Tesla has released a portion of the open-source code it's obligated to provide under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).…

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On 20th anniversary of Microsoft antitrust, US Treasury Sec calls for Google monopoly probe

21 May - 20:05

Europe, America getting twitchy about web search dominance

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has added his voice to a growing number of government officials calling for large tech companies to be investigated for potential antitrust violations.…

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Penetration tester pokes six holes in Dell EMC's RecoverPoint products

21 May - 17:07

Three fixed, including critical remote code execution bug

Infosec outfit Foregenix has uncovered six vulnerabilities in Dell EMC's data protection platform RecoverPoint, three of which have been fixed.…

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Brit reseller Aria PC mounts appeal against £750k taxman VAT fiddle ruling

21 May - 16:24

Full details of case now available after Reg legal victory

Computer parts reseller Aria Technology, which trades as Aria PC, is appealing against a ruling that it defrauded the UK taxman out of £750,000 of VAT.…

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High-end router flinger DrayTek admits to zero day in bunch of Vigor kit

21 May - 15:49

'It may be possible for an attacker to intercept your router'

Taiwanese network kit maker DrayTek has 'fessed up to a vulnerability in a large number of its routers which could allow miscreants to hijack internet traffic or steal personal data.…

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Slurp up patient data for algos that will detect cancer early, says UK PM

21 May - 15:21

Hitches NHS cart to data, AI bandwagon, as medical groups urge patient choice

The UK prime minister has been wooed by the promises made by proponents of artificial intelligence, today pledging more use of algorithms and data-crunching in the health service.…

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RAF Air Command to take on UK military space ops

21 May - 14:31

Dan Dare has a think about Galileo in least interesting comic strip ever

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is to take on command and control of UK military space operations, including a possible UK-based alternative to the EU's Galileo satellite constellation.…

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Greenwich uni fined £120k: Hole in computing school site leaked 20k people's data

21 May - 13:36

Insecure 12-year old microsite handed attackers key

The UK's Information Commissioner has slapped a £120,000 fine on the University of Greenwich after a security cockup by its computing and maths school compromised the data of almost 20,000 individuals.…

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Reduxio gets head transplant as co-founder and other execs hit highway

21 May - 13:04

They've gone array

The board at storage startup Reduxio has hired a shiny new CEO amid a wave of senior exec changes, sources have told El Reg.…

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Orbital ATK launches another Cygnus without anything blowing up

21 May - 11:53

Revamped Antares booster lobs cargo freighter at ISS

Orbital ATK's Cygnus freighter launched from Wallops Island, Virginia, this morning carrying supplies, spares and science to the International Space Station.…

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You know me, I don't know you: Hospital reportedly raps staff for peeking at Ed Sheeran data

21 May - 11:08

Unclear if employees wanted to figure out shape of him

Two UK hospital workers have reportedly been disciplined for accessing Ed Sheeran's personal details after he was admitted following a bicycle accident.…

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Xiaomi the way: Hyped Chinese giant begins its battle for Britain

21 May - 10:44

We're no pushover

Analysis  Xiaomi's entry into Europe is as feared as it is anticipated. With its vow to keep profit margins on hardware below 5 per cent and make the rest up on services, er, somehow, the Chinese firm threatens a consumer electronics price war that goes way beyond phones. But it might be harder than pundits think.…

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The harbingers of Doomwatch: Quist is quite the quasi-Quatermass

21 May - 09:51

Bug behaviour in the wild

Stob  "Plastic-eating bugs [...] could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis," was the Guardian's rather chirpy take on this story, triggering the recollection of a childhood nightmare. I inhaled my mouthful of coffee. The office youngsters couldn't understand my panic. "It's the Doomwatch scenario!", I coughed. "The skies will soon be falling!"…

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