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Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

Posted: 24 June

Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

The Hague, 24 June 2019

With the assistance of Eurojust, the Italian authorities seized almost EUR 84 million after unravelling a VAT fraud scheme involving the marketing of technological and computer products in the region of Campania. A total of 49 suspects are under investigation for tax crimes committed through so-called ‘carousel fraud’ by collecting the VAT for themselves...

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Headlines - The Register

Teenagers today. Can't take them anywhere, eh? 18-year-old kid accused of $50m SIM-swap cryptocurrency heist

25 January - 11:34

Also, Cisco, Citrix emit patches, US army advises using Signal

Roundup  Here comes a summary of this week's computer security news beyond what we've already covered.…

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Protestors in Los Angeles force ICANN board out of hiding over .org sale – for a brief moment, at least

25 January - 00:00

DNS overseer accepts 35,000-signature petition... and then runs away

It was only going to be one rogue member, then it wasn’t happening at all, and then the entire board of DNS overseer ICANN emerged from the organization’s headquarters into Los Angeles, blinking in the bright sun, to accept a 35,000-signature petition from those opposed the sale of the .org registry.…

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Why so glum, VMware? It's Friday. Oh, is it this $235m patent infringement invoice from Densify? Too bad, so sad

24 January - 23:36

Virtualization giant hit with massive tech blueprint verdict

VMware is set to find itself a little lighter in the wallet after losing a nearly quarter-billion dollar patent-infringement case.…

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Curse of Boeing continues: Now a telly satellite it built may explode, will be pushed up to 500km from geo orbit

24 January - 23:16

DirecTV's Spaceway-1 to head off into the void before its batteries detonate

AT&T’s satellite telly service DirecTV will push one of its birds beyond its geostationary orbit – before it has a chance to explode into a million pieces.…

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Everyone loves our new desktop web search design so much – the one with ads that look like links – that we're tweaking it, says Google

24 January - 20:54

Unpopular opinion: Adverts are a bit more distinct with this new style, but OK, internet, you win

Updated  Google is under fire this week for rolling out a new design for its desktop web search results in which advertisements and normal links look almost the same.…

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Microsoft puts away the Catnip: Windows Insiders community app axed due to 'technical limitations'

24 January - 20:01

Pretty much the most exciting thing to come out of Fast Ring Build 19551

Microsoft ended the week with a fresh build of Windows 10 and, slightly worryingly, the killing of a Progressive Web App (PWA) project "due to some technical limitations."…

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Atlassian anticipates $1.6bn total revenue for fiscal 2020 as subscriptions make it rain

24 January - 19:00

Can you hear the cloudy cash registers ringing?

Atlassian, continued its march into megabucks territory with a 37 per cent year-on-year rise in revenues for the quarter as subscriptions led the way.…

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Microsoft previews Visual Studio update with added Linux love, many new features

24 January - 18:00

Develop on Windows, deploy to Linux: an increasingly common pattern

Microsoft's second preview of Visual Studio 2019 16.5, freshly flung out this week, has better Linux support for C++ developers and also includes a new designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).…

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2015-member database floats off through breach in Royal Yachting Association's hull

24 January - 17:12

Change your passwords, ye scurvy-free non-landlubbers

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has told members that "an unauthorised party" may have pilfered a database containing personal information from 2015.…

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Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all

24 January - 16:18

Punters can still run old and new gear on same network, for now

Sonos has said it will continue to support legacy products in an apparent reversal of a statement made earlier this week.…

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This episode of Black Mirror sucks: London cops boast that facial-recog creepycams will be on the streets this year

24 January - 14:56

Here's what Met top brass told the press this morning

In depth  London's Metropolitan Police is to start routinely deploying facial-recognition tech across the English capital despite legal and public opinion challenges, the force declared this morning.…

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Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source

24 January - 13:59

'Its life doesn't have to end!'

More than 10 years on from its campaign to persuade users to dump Windows 7 for a non-proprietary alternative, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has kicked off a petition to urge Microsoft to open-source the recently snuffed software.…

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Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard

24 January - 13:25

From Screw you, Brits... to Up yours, Delors...

Perhaps predictably, Apple has hit out against the European Parliament's renewed calls for a common charging standard. Its battle call? "It'll stifle our profits innovation."…

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It's a jungle out there when it comes to conservation tech – but there's a cloud for that

24 January - 12:37

Courtesy of Species360 (not a move by Microsoft into the zoology space)

Is your team flinging poo at visitors to your business? There's a cloud for that – as long as those doing the flinging are literal monkeys.…

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It's good to talk: Union says IBM failed to consult system support techies as Scottish Power contract nears end

24 January - 11:57

TUPE or not TUPE? That is the question. Unison calls on lawyers ahead of 30 June D-Day

IBMers who provide tech services to ScottishPower have voted "overwhelmingly" for industrial action in a consultative ballot over deepening uncertainty surrounding their jobs.…

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Clunk, whirr, buzz, whine. Shared office space can be a riot and sounds like one too

24 January - 10:30

And what about my buttocks, eh?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  It's that hum in the office. It's getting to me.…

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When world+dog has a data platform too, Cloudera has to stand out before next new shiny distracts investors

24 January - 09:15

Hadoop slinger's big bet joins list of rivals doing the same thing

When Hadoop distributor Cloudera marked a year since it signed off its merger with rival Hortonworks with the appointment of a new CEO, it was hardly a glowing endorsement of the strategy so far.…

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Beware the Friday afternoon 'Could you just..?' from the muppet who wants to come between you and your beer

24 January - 08:15

Polishing balls for mates is no way to make a living

On Call  Welcome to an On Call with a difference. Today The Register retells a story familiar to all too many readers: "You know about computers, right?"…

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Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders

24 January - 06:58

Some engineers are just better than others... at being noticed

The idea that some software developers matter more to coding projects than others is controversial, particularly among open source projects where community cohesion and participation can suffer if contributors are not treated fairly.…

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Amazing peer-reviewed AI bots that predict premature births were too good to be true: Flawed testing bumped accuracy from 50% to 90%+

24 January - 06:03

'These models should not go into clinical practice at all,' academic tells El Reg

A surprising number of peer-reviewed premature-birth-predicting machine-learning systems are nowhere near as accurate as first thought, according to a new study.…

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Russian super-crook behind $20m internet fraud den Cardplanet and malware-exchange forum pleads guilty

24 January - 04:40

Now 29-year-old faces years in the clink after long battle to bring him to justice

A 29-year-old Russian scumbag has admitted masterminding the Cardplanet underworld marketplace as well as a second forum for elite fraudsters.…

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Protesters backing Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou during her US extradition hearings were 'duped paid actors'

24 January - 02:26

What do we want?! $100. When do we want it? As soon as we finish this shift

Protesters rallying outside court in Vancouver, Canada, this week in support of embattled Huawei finance chief Meng Wanzhou turned out to be paid actors – who said they thought they were extras for a film or music video.…

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No big deal, Rogers, your internal source code and keys are only on the open web. Don't hurry to take it down

24 January - 01:12

'Closed source' blueprints available for all to gawp at – and potentially exploit

Updated  Source code, internal user names and passwords, and private keys, for the website and online account systems of Canadian telecoms giant Rogers have been found sitting on the open internet.…

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10nm woes, CPU supply shortages, competition from AMD... What? Sorry? Intel can't hear you over the cash register going bonkers

24 January - 00:21

Just don't mention the FPGAs

Intel on Thursday reported $20.2bn revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019, a gain of eight per cent year-on-year, and $72bn for the full-year, a two per cent increase.…

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fragged our business VOIP: US ISP blames outage on smash-hit video game rush

23 January - 20:21

This is Windstream, going dark...

US ISP Windstream says a video game update is to blame for an outage affecting its business VOIP service earlier this week.…

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Beer necessities: US chap registers bevvy as emotional support animal so he can booze on public transport

23 January - 18:45

Both the hero we need and the hero we deserve

News has reached Vulture Central of a US resident's attempt to have his beer registered as an emotional support animal in the hope of bringing the amber nectar onboard public transport.…

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Xerox names the 11 directors it hopes will oust most of HP's board and put $33bn hostile takeover to shareholders

23 January - 18:00

The dirty dozen... well, almost

Updated  Xerox is done playing mister nice guy – the company has named a slate of directors it wants to shoehorn onto HP's board to spearhead its £33bn hostile takeover bid.…

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One-time Brexit Secretary David Davis demands Mike Lynch's extradition to US be halted

23 January - 16:44

MP claims HPE vs Autonomy High Court trial has cost £40m to date

Ex-Cabinet minister David Davis has called for former Autonomy exec Mike Lynch's potential US extradition to be halted – at least until judgment in the lengthy UK civil case brought against him by HPE.…

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Hapless AWS engineer spilled passwords, keys, confidential internal training info, customer messages on public GitHub

23 January - 16:33

Only up for five hours, but that's plenty of time for the wrong person to spot it

Updated  An Amazon Web Services engineer published exchanges with customers and "system credentials including passwords, AWS key pairs, and private keys" to a public GitHub repository by accident.…

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We need to make it even easier for UK terror cops to rummage about in folks' phones, says govt lawyer

23 January - 15:31

Don't want to incriminate yourself? Tough luck, you terrorist

The Government Reviewer of Terrorism Laws has declared that safeguards protecting Britons from police workers demanding passwords for their devices must be watered down.…

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Don't mention the seam! Microsoft releases Surface Duo Android SDK, more on Windows 10X

23 January - 14:46

New SDK shows both potential and challenge of the new Surface devices

Microsoft has released a preview SDK for its forthcoming Android Surface Duo device, and has confirmed a Developer Day on February 11th when the SDK for the Windows dual-screen Surface Neo will be previewed.…

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Jenkins creator steps back from CloudBees and flings himself at startup Launchable

23 January - 14:00

Bye-bye Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke "Father of Jenkins" Kawaguchi is taking a step back from the DevOps tooling he created as he ventures into startup territory.…

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Ooh, watch out Google. You've got competition. Verizon has a new 'privacy-focused' search engine

23 January - 13:30

Yep, the Verizon that sold subscribers' location data

Verizon has slung out a new, privacy-focused search engine in an effort to win over customers who prefer not to have their browsing habits tracked by ad-slingers and the like.…

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SLS goes vertical at Stennis while NASA practises SRB stacking

23 January - 12:49

Shades of Saturn V as Artemis I inches closer to launch

Engineers have lowered NASA's monster SLS core stage into the B-2 Test Stand at the agency's Stennis Space Center.…

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Keg-xistential issues: Fullers pours away £10m Infor ERP system after selling brewing business

23 January - 12:06

Weren't you going to use it for 'continuous improvement'?

Pub and hotel company Fuller’s has decided to ditch its Infor ERP system and search for a simplified accounts package a year after selling its brewing division to Japanese beverage biz Asahi for £250m.…

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If the words 'new', 'AI', 'for', 'the', 'physical', 'world', 'accelerate' and 'Facebook' scare you, click this headline

23 January - 11:16

Open-source distributed system teaches bots to find their way without a map, just cam, GPS, compass

A reinforcement-learning algorithm was open-sourced this week by Facebook that can train AI bots to navigate simulations, with each droid armed with just a camera, GPS, and a compass – and no map.…

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Good folk of Forfar: Alan Hattel would like you all to know he's not dead despite what it says on his tombstone

23 January - 10:45

So give him a call FFS

Like the unfortunate soul who finds himself being loaded onto a cart of plague victims in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a bloke from Forfar in Scotland has had to declare himself "still alive" after finding his name on a headstone in a local graveyard.…

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In the red corner, Big Red, and in the blue corner... the rest of the tech industry

23 January - 10:00

Innovation freedom may not be so free if US Supreme Court rules Google ripped off Oracle's Java APIs

Column  Later this spring, the US Supreme Court will hear Google v Oracle. This is the final appeal of a decade-long case in which Oracle claims Google stole the Java application program interface (API) structure that defines how programs interact with Java's own libraries. That Google reproduced the API in Android is not in doubt; until Oracle kicked up a stink, it was also not in doubt that APIs could not be copyrighted.…

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Rugby legend Will Carling tells El Reg: Techie stats bods will love this year's Six Nations

23 January - 09:15

Well, AWS hopes you will because they're doing AI/ML/etc for it

New tech-driven Six Nations stats will "show you which teams are really clinical" at making line breaks inside the opposition's 22, England rugby legend Will Carling has told The Register.…

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Stiff upper lip time, Brits: After bullying France to drop its digital tax on Silicon Valley, Trump's coming for you next

23 January - 07:55

Macron suspends cyber levy plan after The Donald has a quiet word

French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed his country will suspend its plan to slap a digital tax on tech giants after threats from US president Donald Trump to impose trade tariffs.…

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Still losing sleep over that awful Citrix bug? This scanner is here to help... you realize you've already been pwned

23 January - 07:04

Handy FireEye tool roots out indicators of compromise

Citrix and FireEye have released a new security tool to help admins find out if their servers have been hacked via the high-profile CVE-2019-19781 flaw that was disclosed in December but only patched on Monday.…

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Two billion years ago, snowball Earth was defrosted in huge asteroid crash – and it's been downhill ever since

23 January - 05:52

Space prang raised temperatures, melted glaciers, influenced climate, next thing we know: we're sharing AI-filtered selfies on Insta

Pic  Scientists studying minerals in the Yarrabubba crater in Western Australia have confirmed the giant pit was formed when an asteroid struck Earth 2.229 billion years ago, making it the oldest impact site yet found on our planet.…

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If you never thought you'd hear a Microsoftie tell you to stop using Internet Explorer, lap it up: 'I beg you, let it retire to great bitbucket in the sky'

23 January - 01:44

We say take off and nuke the entire codebase from orbit. It's the only way to be sure

To mark the arrival of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft software engineer Eric Lawrence, who helped shift Edge to its Google-driven open source foundation, issued a plea to Windows users to let go of Internet Explorer.…

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Sorry to be blunt about this... Open AWS S3 storage bucket just made 30,000 potheads' privacy go up in smoke

23 January - 00:19

Talk about high tech: Software maker exposes cloud silo of personal info in tale of security gone bong

A tech biz specializing in software for marijuana dispensaries inadvertently exposed to the public internet a database containing tens of thousands of mellow Americans' personal information.…

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Who honestly has a crown prince in their threat model? UN report officially fingers Saudi royal as Bezos hacker

22 January - 23:13

Rapporteurs call for investigation, technical security report leaks

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, has been officially fingered as the man responsible for hacking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s iPhone X, causing a massive stir in diplomatic circles.…

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Safari's Intelligent Tracking Protection is misspelled, says Google: It should be Dumb Browser Stalking Enabler

22 January - 21:53

Chocolate Factory boffins doubt Apple can fix it, either

Google security researchers have published details about the flaws they identified last year in Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP), a privacy scheme developed by Apple's WebKit team for the company's Safari browser.…

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Chrome suddenly using Bing after installing Office 365 Pro Plus... Yeah, that might have been us, mumbles Microsoft

22 January - 21:18

Bad-a-Bing, badda-boom: Netizens complain of browser hijacking

Users who install or update Office 365 Pro Plus, part of the Office 365 subscription for larger businesses, will find their browser search engine automatically set to Bing, according to Microsoft documentation.…

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Judge snubs IT outsourcers' plea to Alt-F4 tougher H-1B visa rules: Bosses told to fill out the extra paperwork

22 January - 20:38

Homeland Security memo not an abuse of power, court decides

An effort by tech companies to put the Trump Administration's tough new visa requirements on hold has been thrown out by a US federal judge in Arizona.…

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SAP co-CEO: I'm leavin' on a jet plane... Davos knows that I'll be back again...Oh babe, I hate to go (back to work)

22 January - 19:27

High flying exec joins 'leccy car-driver co-boss in Switzerland

Only one half of SAP’s joint CEOs managed to travel to the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos by relatively environmentally friendly means, the other opted to jump on a jet plane.…

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The Foot of Cupid emits final burst of flatulence in honour of fallen Python Terry Jones

22 January - 17:00

'Two down, four to go,' quips John Cleese as another member of comedy crew kicks bucket

Obit  Actor, writer and Python Terry Jones has died at the age of 77.…

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