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Beware - Phonewise/Sentinent Online Ltd

Posted: 28 January

Dear Traders, 

Please be careful when trading with: 

Phonewise/Sentinent Online Ltd 
SKYPE: david-france@hotmail.co.uk 
TEL: 44 (0) 7566229055 
Sentinent Online Ltd 
Silver Jubilee Close 
Doncaster, Dnc DN25pz 
United Kingdom 

According to Companies House these companies have been dissolved but someone is still taking money in their name and of course they do not deliver in...

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Headlines - The Register

Neri, Neri, nerr-nerr: Wall St smiles on HPE despite slip in hybrid IT, compute sales

22 February - 00:58

CEO Antonio boasts of big earnings to come

HPE got a boost from Wall Street Thursday even after falling short on revenues for its latest financial quarter.…

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'We don't want a camera in everyone's living room' says bloke selling cameras in living rooms. Zuckerberg, you moron

21 February - 23:30

Also: Letting people pay to stop FB snooping wouldn't be fair on the poor, apparently

Facebook is not going to give people the option to pay it to stop gathering and selling their private information because it wouldn't be fair to those that can't afford it.…

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You're on a Huawei to Hell, US Sec State Pompeo warns allies: Buy Beijing's boxes, no more intelligence for you

21 February - 22:45

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme. Ain't nothing I would rather do: going down, party time

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed that Uncle Sam will no longer provide top-secret intelligence to countries that use Huawei equipment in their core networks.…

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WTF PDF: If at first you don't succeed, you may be Adobe re-patching its Acrobat, Reader patches

21 February - 21:51

Plus: How Microsoft Edge helps Facebook Flash files dodge click-to-play rules in Edge

Adobe is taking a second crack at patching security bugs in its Acrobat and Reader PDF apps.…

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Oracle sued for $4.5m after ERP system delivery date 'moved from 2015 to 2016, then 2017, then... er, never'

21 February - 21:10

Lawsuit accuses Big Red of fraud, breach of contract

Software giant Oracle was sued on Wednesday by Worth & Company, a Pennsylvania-based mechanical contractor, over a failed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software deal.…

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Fancy a .dev domain? They were $12,500 a pop from Google. Now, $1,000. Soon, $17.50. And you may want one

21 February - 20:26

Meanwhile, .gay comes out of the commercial closet

Google has launched a new internet extension specifically for developers but if you want to get a good name, you're going to have to pay for it.…

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Deton-8. Blastobox-3. Demo-1... One of these is the name of a SpaceX crew capsule test now due to launch in March

21 February - 20:10

As experts worry about the potential for rapid unscheduled in-flight rocket disassembly

NASA this week set a date for the launch of the much-delayed Demo-1 – the first test flight of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule that will, fingers crossed, eventually ferry humans to the International Space Station.…

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Big names hurl millions of pounds at scheme to hoist UK's AI knowhow

21 February - 17:01

We're Europe's tech hub, crows minister, but investment weedy compared to the US and China

Google's DeepMind is among 11 companies to fund artificial intelligence masters degrees in the UK under a government-backed range of training programmes, including fellowships and PhD centres.…

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Black-hat sextortionists required: Competitive salary and dental plan

21 February - 16:33

Cybercrims aren't just raking it in – they're dishing it out too

Extortionists are promising salaries of more than a quarter of a million pounds to skilled infosec folk willing to put on a black hat, according to research outfit Digital Shadows.…

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Linux love hits Windows 10 19H1 amid a second round of zombie slaying

21 February - 15:48

For the BOFHs: Admin Center preview loaded with Software Defined Networking goodness

In a busy week for Windows Insiders, Fast-Ring fans got a fresh build of Windows last night, hot on the heels of a new preview of the Windows Admin Center.…

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Oracle: Major ad scam 'DrainerBot' is rinsing Android users of their battery life and data

21 February - 14:46

App piracy fighter Tapcore strenuously denies involvement

A major ad fraud operation could be sucking your phone of juice and using up more than 10GB of data a month by downloading hidden vids, Oracle has claimed.…

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Northern UK smart meter rollout is too slow, snarls MPs' committee

21 February - 13:59

But... but British Gas customers are making cost savings, though

The British government is "sugar coating" its smart meter project and pretending that "everything will turn out alright in the end", according to Parliament's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (BEIS).…

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DRAM, it feels good to be a gangsta: Only Intel flash revenues on the rise after brutal quarter

21 February - 13:28

Worse to come as market doldrums deepen

An abrupt quarter-on-quarter revenue cliff drop affected all the main flash vendors, except Intel, which saw revenues rise despite falling prices.…

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There's no 'My' in Office, Microsoft insists with new productivity hub

21 February - 12:58

If you like that then you'll just LOVE our 365 range

Microsoft has updated the My Office app and would like to remind users that there's a free, online version of the suite.…

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Data breach rumours abound as UK Labour Party locks down access to member databases

21 February - 12:29

Breakaway MPs accused of making off with info

The UK's Labour Party has been forced to lock down access to membership databases and campaign tools over concerns the info was being sucked up by breakaway MPs, in a possible breach of data protection laws.…

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Welcome to the sunlit uplands of HTTP/2, where a naughty request can send Microsoft's IIS into a spin

21 February - 11:59

It's patching time again for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

Updated  Oops! Microsoft has published an advisory on a bug in its Internet Information Services (IIS) product that allows a malicious HTTP/2 request to send CPU usage to 100 per cent.…

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Samsung pulls sheets off costly phone-cum-fondleslab Galaxy Fold – and a hefty 5G monster

21 February - 11:25

Innovation? In my smartphone market? It's more likely than you think

Some day in the future you'll have a piece of material you can fold neatly away in your pocket, a canvas that just happens to be a communication and information device. Until that day, "foldable" phones will be transitional things, reminding us how far short we fall of the ideal.…

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Software development and deployment? Yeah, we can help you with that...

21 February - 11:04

Just one week to save a bundle with our early bird tickets

Events  If you're gearing up supercharge your software development and deployment operations, whether by adopting DevOps, getting serious about containers, or adding serverless into the mix, you should be joining us at Continuous Lifecycle London in May.…

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UK.gov pens Carillion-proofing playbook: Let's run pilots of work before we outsource it, check firms' finances

21 February - 10:40

Also makes vendor-luring pledge to take its fair share of risk

The UK government has outlined a series of safety nets designed to prevent another Carillion disaster in what it is calling an "Outsourcing Playbook".…

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Bored bloke takes control of British Army 'psyops' unit's Twitter

21 February - 10:06

Great recruiting tool there, folks

A crafty joker seized control of the British Army's "influence and outreach" Twitter account – and labelled the military unit "fun sponges" when they tried to get it back.…

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall: Peak smartphone hits Apple, Samsung the worst

21 February - 09:33

Chinese upstarts fill in the gaps

The two biggest brands in the West are the two biggest losers as the smartphone slump continues, analyst Gartner has found.…

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Go, go, Gadgets Boy! 'Influencer' testing 5G for Vodafone finds it to be slower than 4G

21 February - 09:02

Hilarity ensues

Big companies love to have social media "influencers" touting their wares – time-rich millennials who have turned product placement into a moderately lucrative lifestyle, often thanks to an agency.…

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Google emits a beta of Cloud Service Platform to entice hold-outs with hybrid goodness

21 February - 07:58

Where would madam like madam's Kubernetes? Cloud? On-premises? Both?

Google's hybrid Cloud Services Platform (CSP) emerged blinking into the light today, in beta form at least.…

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NASA boffins show Moon water supply could – er, this can't be right? – come from the Sun

21 February - 07:02

All rocks can produce water if irradiated in the right way

Thirsty astronauts living on the Moon may be able to extract water from the barren body, thanks to the power of the solar wind, according to NASA.…

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Profs prep promising privacy-protecting proxy program... Yes, it is possible to build client-server code that safeguards personal info

21 February - 06:26

Software framework teases shortcut to GDPR compliance

Computer science boffins from Harvard and MIT have developed a software framework for building web services that respect privacy, provided app developers don't mind a minor performance hit.…

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Fool ML once, shame on you. Fool ML twice, shame on... the AI dev? If you can hoodwink one model, you may be able to trick many more

21 February - 06:03

Some tips on how to avoid miscreants deceiving your code

Adversarial attacks that trick one machine-learning model can potentially be used to fool other so-called artificially intelligent systems, according to a new study.…

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Check yo self before you HyperWreck yo self: Cisco fixes gimme-root holes in HyperFlex, plus more security bugs

21 February - 05:04

Patches available now spread across more than a dozen advisories

Cisco emitted on Wednesday a bunch of security updates that, your support contract willing, you should test and roll out to installations as soon as possible.…

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Where's Zero Cool when you need him? Loose chips sink ships: How hackers could wreck container vessels

21 February - 02:58

Or Acid Burn? Or Lord Nikon? Weak IT security may end in disaster at sea... one day

Poorly maintained IT systems on container ships are leaving the vessels open to cyber-attack and catastrophe, it is claimed.…

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Europe-style 5G standards testing? Consistent definitions? Who the fsck wants that, asks US mobe industry

21 February - 00:51

Besides it's a security issue. Or is that just American insecurity?

Analysis  5G mobile networks have been held out as the future of not just mobile communications but also smart cities, the internet of things, rural broadband access, and countless other future innovations.…

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No RESTful the wicked: If your website runs Drupal, you need to check for security updates – unless you enjoy being hacked

20 February - 23:17


Website admins are today urged to update their Drupal installations following the disclosure of a potentially serious vulnerability in the web publishing software. And when we say potentially serious, we mean, someone can potentially hack and hijack your site via this flaw.…

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OK, your boss allegedly called you a lazy n*****, promoted the person you trained ahead of you and paid you less, but you can't PROVE it's racism, Facebook says

20 February - 22:38

Lawyers gotta lawyer

A black critical-facilities engineer at Facebook claims his boss repeatedly called him a "lazy n*****" and described other African-Americans at the tech giant "monkeys and chimpanzees."…

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Behold… a WinRAR security bug that's older than your child's favorite YouTuber. And yes, you should patch this hole

20 February - 22:06

Bet all two of you who paid to activate your copy are feeling a little cheesed off at this 14-year-old undetected flaw

CheckPoint infosec eggheads are today laying claim to discovering a Windows archiving security flaw that appears to have been lingering since 2005, if not earlier.…

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Chrome ad, content blockers beg Google: Don't execute our code! Wait, no, do execute our code – just don't kill us!

20 February - 21:02

Worried devs list Manifest v3 problems they need tweaked

Makers of ad blockers, content filters, and privacy extensions for Google's Chrome browser have drawn up a list of desired technical fixes to undo the anticipated damage from pending browser platform changes.…

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Just do IoT? We'd walk a mile in someone else's Nike smart sneakers, but they seem to be 'bricked'

20 February - 18:00

Owners having a connection 'mare in the Internet of Trainers

Buyers of Nike's eye-wateringly expensive Adapt trainers appear to be having difficulties with the accompanying app.…

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No yoke: 'Bored' Aussie test pilot passes time in the cockpit by drawing massive knobs in the air

20 February - 17:01

Another cock and balls story

An Australian pilot has earned his coveted Register wings by telling the world how boring flying can be through the medium of flight trackers.…

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Huawei hasn't yet fixed its security vulns, says UK's NCSC overseers

20 February - 16:12

Not secure enough for UK.gov use either

Huawei has not showed British government overseers a "credible plan" for dealing with security shortcomings flagged in a report issued last year, the technical director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has said.…

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What's in a name? Quite a bit when it's the most hated abbreviation of 2018 (GDPR, of course)

20 February - 15:17

Marketing biz decides 'GD PR' was getting it noticed in all the wrong ways

Almost a year after the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, the European Union's stricter privacy law has claimed another victim.…

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Here's why your next network switch, storage box, or 5G gateway may do more Arm than good: E1, N1 data-center CPU cores aim at future kit

20 February - 14:03

First-ever pure-64-bit-only Armv8-A SMT server processor brains may lure chip designers

If your humble Reg hack had a dollar for every Arm server processor pre-launch, launch, and car-crash failure he's witnessed, he'd be able to treat himself to a round of San Francisco's finest avocado on toast and a quad-espresso latte this morning. In other words, about 15 bucks.…

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Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone

20 February - 13:59

Whoops! Oh gosh

+Comment  Google has apologised for not telling Nest smart home kit owners there was a microphone in their gear.…

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Who will stand up for European democracy? Us! says US software giant Microsoft

20 February - 13:29

Nefarious activity of cyber villains continues, but don't fret: AccountGuard will save you

American tech giant Microsoft revealed this morning it has detected a wave of attacks against European democratic institutions as miscreants continue malware insertion attempts.…

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Germany, US staffers to be hit hardest as SAP starts shedding 4,400 bodies

20 February - 12:59

ERP biz reportedly ringfencing jobs of machine learning and analytics types

German ERP biz SAP’s €950m restructuring, which will see 4,400 staffers given the boot, will hit Germany and the US hardest – but those in areas like machine learning reportedly won’t be in the firing line.…

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Apple reseller Solutions Inc pulls down shutters, calls in administrators

20 February - 12:28

Staff told: 'Do not come to work tomorrow. Do not attempt to re-enter the store for any reason'

Updated  Apple's community of third party sellers shrunk slightly this week when retail chain Solutions Inc shuttered stores and called in an administrative receiver FRP Advisory.…

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U wot, m8? OMG SMS is back from dead

20 February - 11:58

Not exactly... But we might be seeing a toe twitching

Text messaging volumes have been in decline for the past decade as smartphones, bundled data plans and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi allowed people to bypass telco charges and use OTT (over-the-top) messaging apps like WhatsApp.…

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All your ETL pipeline are belong to us: Google snaps up Alooma

20 February - 11:10

Aloogle? Goolooma? Take your pick

Google has hoovered up data pipeline pusher Alooma for an undisclosed amount as the ad slinger continues its efforts to clamber up the cloud charts.…

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How do you solve a problem like Galileo? With a strap-on L-band payload, of course!

20 February - 10:27

Nigerian and Brit augmented boffinry could save billions

Rejoice, Brexit Galileo worriers! Your hand-wringing is at an end thanks to research by Brighton-based Professor Chris Chatwin and Dr Lasisi S Lawal of Nigeria's Obasanjo Space Center. Kind of.…

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AGM X3: Swoon at this rugged interloper mobe then throw it on the floor to impress your mates

20 February - 09:46

Because it'll be fiiiiine... probably

Hands On  Hot on the heels of Oppo, Chinese phone maker AGM is the second newcomer to launch in the UK in 2019 hoping to turn a niche into a much more mainstream habitat.…

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What has an 'open-door policy' with industry and puts the X into NHS? Brits, let app-happy Matt Hancock tell you

20 February - 09:09

NHSX: UK.gov's new tech, data and digital quango

The UK government has plans for another health quango that will not only oversee data, digital and tech procurement but have an "open door" policy with the IT industry.…

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Ministry of Defence's new payroll contract is, surprise, surprise, MIA: Missing In Action

20 February - 08:03

Procurement heads fail to finalise specs for replacement deal, extend current agreement with DXC Technology

The Ministry of Defence is set to prolong the British armed forces' payroll, HR, and pensions admin contract with DXC Technology by half a year – because the military's procurement team has run out of time to find a replacement.…

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Password managers may leave your online crown jewels 'exposed in RAM' to malware – but hey, they're still better than the alternative

20 February - 07:01

The alternative being memorizing a load of really long unique passphrases

Updated  A bunch of infosec bods are taking some of the most popular password managers to task after an audit revealed some mildly annoying, non-world-ending security shortcomings.…

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Oldest white dwarf star catches amateur's eye – and its dusty ring leaves boffins baffled

20 February - 06:11

J0207 is estimated to be a mere three-billion years old and just 145 light years away

Pic  An amateur astronomer has discovered the oldest-known white dwarf star, sitting 145 light years away from Earth in the Capricornus constellation.…

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